7 Strategies for Closing more Dealership Sales using Facebook Ads in 2022! 

Auto Dealers: Want to discover SEVEN little known strategies for closing more Facebook sales in 2022?!?!  

Most Auto Dealership Owners and Managers struggle with hiring SUPERSTAR closers on the showroom floor that are quick to learn social media sales & strategies that provide RESULTS fast! 


I’ve created the #1 Most Transparent and Clear Cut Marketing and Sales Training Solution on Social Media for Auto Dealers! This allows Auto Dealers to address these items that Automotive Dealerships face on a day to day using Facebook Ads!!  

But before you CLAIM a PDF of these 7 strategies - I need you to do me a favor!  

STOP believing there are difficult months to get car sales in.  

Instead of accepting that “it’s just how things are these days” or “winter is tough for the Dealership,” I need you to take action, stop believing that old strategies are good enough, and start opening your eyes to find new ways to get more car sales than ever before!!  

How do I know this will work for you?  

Well, you see I have been in the Automotive Industry for 24 years. I started like most of you back in the day at 16 years old and worked my way up to General Sales Management.  

I then got hired by the best of the best at Cox Automotive working for vAuto as a Performance Manager and then launched my own successful Digital Retail Company over 5 years ago.  

When I started to believe there were better ways to do business, I found better ways to do business.  

I discovered several strategies that almost no one else in the auto industry is using to generate leads and close sales on social media!



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7 Strategies Yet? 

Here is what Auto Dealers say about our Marketing & Sales Solutions for Facebook Ads!

 DISCLAIMER: All of these Auto Dealers committed to changing their sales process to align with the new school marketing efforts of Facebook Ads! 

"Retail Resilient has successfully helped me build an online presence & brand, that has gained us many dozens of sales and customers."  

Ryan Buffie

Gauthier Chrysler, Internet Sales Associate

"I’m just happy to have Gail and the Retail Resilient team helping our Toyota Dealers sell more cars to in-market shoppers with Social using the targeted leads."

Will Camp

Toyota Corporate, Cincinnati Region 

“These guys are the 💣 Helped me get over my fear of posting on social & generate business for myself. A priceless tool i'll carry with me for life. Thanks guys!”

Alston James Bondi

Sales Professional Step One Auto Group

"Within three days we received 101 leads on a new Honda Civic @ $24.42 per lead! We are getting quality used car leads @ $4.24 per lead! Our Sales are way up YOY!!" 

Brad MacDonald

Moncton Honda

"I’ve been working with RR for about 3 years. I want to say that their hands -on approach, reporting, explanations and taking the drive to make sure we are successful is amazing!"

TJ DeSanto

Summit Toyota, General Manager

"If you want your sales to increase, you probably need to give Gail a call. We’ve never seen sales increase like this before! It's all thanks to Retail Resilient." 

Tino Merlo

General Manager, Toyota of Warren

Gail Rubinstein, Founder of Retail Resilient wants YOU to take advantage of our '7 Strategies to Close More Dealership Sales Using Facebook Ads!'

We have story after story of Auto Dealer successes!  

"Retail Resilient marketing and sales solutions is completely awesome! I really didn't understand what I was getting into with their Facebook Ads training and WOW!!!!! The team there has opened up a whole new world to our organization and helped us understand the true potential that Facebook presents, and the exciting thing...we are just getting started!!!! Thanks so much for everything!"

Shawn Isom @ Tim Dahle Nissan, Director of Marketing in UTAH

Retail Resilient has helped manage over $50 million in Facebook Ad spend in the last 4 years and Dealerships are loving it! Ask our customers.

 DISCLAIMER: All of these Auto Dealers committed to changing their sales process to align with the new school marketing efforts of Facebook Ads! 


I’m going to hit the following topics in your 7 Strategies checklist:  

Strategy #1 will provide you with information about Facebook ads Manager! (this is literally the bread and butter of FB!)  

Strategy #2 provides you with information on using Facebook’s Lead Generation to collect your customers name, email, phone, appointment date/time, trade information and vehicle that they are ready to

Strategy #3 provides you with information on Facebooks’ Messenger ads where you or your sales staff can talk LIVE with customers that are ready to gather information and communicate with YOU to purchase a vehicle!!!  

Strategy #4 will reveal to you how to BOOST a post in 3 simple steps. Allowing you to LAZER FOCUS IN on customers that are searching for you on Facebook and Instagram!!  

Strategy #5 reveals how to align your sales team with your Facebook ads marketing efforts! (you won’t want to miss this!)  

Strategy #6 will help you get REAL FANCY with the Facebook Pixel Codes and shows you how the Facebook algorithm stalks (I mean ‘cookies’) your customers so that you can retarget your vehicles and services to them!!  

Strategy #7 explains why social selling is CRITICAL to your Auto Dealership's growth and success!  

So we’ve got a lot for you to cover!  


You will ALSO receive Information about:

  • • How Facebook and Instagram can generate you more leads than any other source
  • • How important it is to have a cutting edge step by step Facebook and Instagram process that works for other retail business operators
  • • How spending your money on lead magnets instead of spending thousands on advertising price and payments will deliver you more satisfied customers than ever before
  • • Why the advice that other “gurus” gave you might be keeping you stuck from your dealership achieving it’s sales and marketing potential 
  • • How Facebook Marketplace works in conjunction with Lead Ads
  • • How Chat bots in Messenger do the trick every time!