Automotive Inventory Ads get an A+

February 16, 2021 | By: Gail Rubinstein

Facebook’s new AIA feature is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME in this week’s Retail Resilient update!

Facebook has an amazing new feature for Automotive Inventory Ads! These new Facebook Inventory ads allow a customer to stay on the Facebook platform while shopping for the vehicle they want to purchase.  No need for the customer to visit your dealership’s website; all of the important data and information is fully displayed on the Facebook VDP Page!

 How Does it Work?

There is a link available, should the customer CHOOSE to go to your dealership’s website from the Facebook Page. However, customers now have the ability to shop completely within the Facebook platform; they never have to leave the site! Facebook is building a seamless process with minimal clicking, a huge advantage for auto dealers trying to simplify the buying process for customers.

How to set up this AIA feature on your Facebook Page:

  1. Confirm that you have a catalog setup on your Facebook page.

2. If you do not have a catalog setup, there are two companies we recommend: one is called Sincro and the other is called Naked Lime.

3. Log into your Facebook page and go to “Manage Inventory.”

Your dealership’s Facebook home page should look something like this.

4. Under catalog listings, choose the correct catalog.

5. Go back to your main Facebook Page; you will see the Vehicles Catalog TAB at the top.

The “Vehicles” catalog will now be accessible at the top of your home page!

Why Should I Do This?

It is so easy to run effective AIA ads once this feature is implemented; it will blow your mind! For customers shopping a dealer’s inventory, this method is 70% MORE EFFECTIVE than most traditional Automotive Dealerships websites. You get  an easy way to sort inventory, and a seamless process for a buyer moving through the sales cycle.

How will this affect my Dealership?

This automotive inventory ads feature is going to boost sales. Remember, your dealership will need to have a Facebook Sales Team and an internal process to handle Facebook customers to see real results. 

Your future car buying customers are not only shopping numbers on Facebook; they’re shopping for a relationship with you! Give them a great experience from their first click to their first drive off of your lot. Need help building that social selling sales team? Retail Resilient is always here to help!

Gail Rubinstein