Social Selling Forecast for January 31 to February 6

February 2, 2022 | By: Shannon Tunall

✅ ORGANIC TikTok Posts→ if you are an auto dealer and you’re not currently doing anything with your sales staff on TikTok or you don’t have a dealership strategy for TikTok NOW is the time to be doing this!! The percentage of business seeing success on TikTok grew 700% in the last year… SEVEN HUNDRED 🤯→ You want your sales team creating new and used car offers, whats my trade worth offers, and be posting cool FUN videos on this platform(pro tip: double or triple the reach of these videos by sharing them to facebook and instagram)

✅ PAID TikTok Advertising→ if you have a marketing agency or someone like us, a school that has taught you how to do paid Social Advertising on the original platforms you NEED to expand your marketing budget and strategy to include TikTok like yesterday. If you are not you are missing out on MILLIONS of dollars. It can become a huge lead generator for you the same way FB and Insta have.

✅ New Look, Same Great Feature: Facebook Pixel vs. Meta Pixel→ Is your dealership currently using the Facebook Pixel? … This is a VERY important tool for you to be using, SO if you can’t answer that question, I strongly suggest you visit our website and book a discovery call so that we can help you figure that out, and explain it’s importance. A pixel is what tracks your customer’s behavior for website to website… it’s what allows your paid advertising to “coincidentally” show up in front of actual potential buyers. Basically when it comes to a quality lead, the pixel brings things to a whole other level. ANYWAY if you are using facebook pixel coding it has a new name, the Meta Pixel. It’s like when your favorite bag of chips redesigns it’s packaging with a tiny little sticker “new look, same great taste”.Thanks for watching! See you next Monday.

Shannon Tunall