Social Selling Forecast | March 21st – 27th

March 21, 2022 | By: Samantha Woolf

The World’s First Retail Automotive Transaction was Completed in the Metaverse!

→ Last Friday, March 18th the World’s First Retail Automotive Transaction was Completed in the Metaverse.. at Germain Toyota in Naples, FL

What is the Metaverse?  It’s social media, the internet, video games, and online shopping all rolled into one.  You can Network, Shop, Invest and do business just like you would in the real world.  This first car sale is a huge benchmark because this is no longer just a possibility that we’ve talked about. It is now real and proven to be a possible way for you to conduct business.

Instagram launches a new “Your Activity” feature 

→ Instagram announced the release of a “Your Activity” feature that will allow users to see and manage their activity in one central location within the app. This will include managing, deleting, and archiving all content (including posts, Stories, and Reels) in bulk actions. Users will also be able to manage their own interactions such as comments, likes Story sticker reactions, and more. Sorting options will include time frame and activity type. 

Take Advantage of Spring Pomotions

→ Yesterday was the first day of spring.  So make sure you are using some type of seasonal promotion such as “spring into savings” to get your followers excited about coming into the dealership!

Thats all this week, thanks for watching!

Samantha Woolf