Here’s what Auto Dealers REALLY spend on Sponsored Ads

February 25, 2021 | By: Andrew Shaqfeh

You can generate a 10X Return on your Facebook and Instagram ads… seriously!

Here’s the deal: there are Auto Dealers that spend $1,000 per month and there are those that spend $20,000 per month on sponsored ads. That means dealers are investing anywhere from $12,000 to $240,000 per year, and with the digital space continuing to grow, those numbers are only increasing.

Does Social Selling Work?

With 80% of Instagram users following a business and 76% of Facebook users visiting the site 12-14 times per day, we know where customers spend their time.  The ROAS (return on ad spend) on Facebook and Instagram is high; in fact, social media ads are the highest sources of positive ROAS Auto Dealers have ever seen in the industry. 

Why is Social Selling Important?

Customers are not only purchasing vehicles through social media; they’re purchasing a long term relationship with their local dealer. Social media allows customers to bond understand your dealership on a deeper level than ever before. 

They can share your page with friends and family, comment and like your personal and professional posts. With social media, your dealership turns from a business into a community friend for a lot of customers. There is no better way to build trust and transparency than through social media.

$20,000 is a BIG Investment; How do I insure a BIG ROI?

Auto dealers find trouble with their social selling ROAS when their sales process does not align with their marketing efforts. Oftentimes we see auto dealers investing heavily in social selling and only get a small return on investment due to a sales and BDC staff that is not properly trained. To see a boost in sales, you need to invest in all facets. Before you go from a $1k to a $20k social selling investor, make sure you invest in your staff; train them to handle these social leads! It may sound crazy, but these leads are very different from Car Gurus, Autotrader, or leads. Don’t confuse social media and digital advertising; there is a big difference!

How Do I Get Quality Training?

Pushing your salespeople to teach themselves these processes is important and valuable to their development. Unfortunately, implementing all of these processes can take time. The best way to train fast, and start social selling quickly, is to look into a social selling school or training program.

Spending $20k on social media ads may sound crazy, but once your dealership utilizes a Facebook and Instagram sales process…. BAM, it’s sales central!

Andrew Shaqfeh

Andrew is a writer and media producer from Philadelphia, PA. He's also a car enthusiast, musician, and all-around good guy.