Weekly Social Selling Forecast March 14th – 20th

March 14, 2022 | By: Samantha Woolf

✅ Did you see us while you were at NADA?
→ While we were not physically at the convention, you probably saw us while you were there.  Thats what happens when you use the power of social media to geo target your audience.  You can’t be everywhere at once.  Contact us to learn more about placing your products or services in front of in market shoppers.

✅ Saint Patricks Day
→ St. pats is right around the corner.  What are you/ your dealership doing to create some luckiness for your customers & community?  Don’t forget to change up your ads and do something fun for the week.

✅ Facebook Protect Mandatory Enrollment
→ What is Facebook Protect? It is an additional cybersecurity layer to keep your account safe that initially rolled out just ahead of the 2020 elections. In December 2021 they extended coverage to accounts which they identified as having the potential to reach more people than average users. Such as People with a high number of followers, who run important pages or hold some type of community significance.  They have now extended that coverage and are making enrollment MANDATORY.  Thats right.  If you ignore the emails and in app notifications you will be locked out of your account.  

✅ Changes & Glitches in the back end of Ads Manager
→ The categorization of ad goals has changed.  If lead generation is your goal, whether you are looking to achieve that through catalog, AIA, messenger, conversion etc.  that you begin that step from within the leads column.  We have seen some very strange glitches since the rollout of this new system as per usual.  So basically we want you to know its especially important to be double checking your work, and as always we are here if you need help!

 Have a WONDERFUL week, and I hope you sell a lot of cars!

Samantha Woolf