Gail Rubinstein Automotive Business Ops Expert Presents… 

The 7 Strategies Webinar for Auto Dealers using Social Media in 2021!!! 

The Retail Resilient proven formula to help you execute a solid social strategy to increase leads, sell more cars, make more money and help customers using all social sites!! 

(even if you already post photos and videos and think that’s all you need, you already have an internet manager, or you think “I got this” what else could there really be?) 


(limited seating – only 100 spots for each webinar) 

REDISCOVER YOUR DEALERSHIP'S TRUE POTENTIAL! This WEBINAR is for Dealer Principals. General Managers. Sales Managers and Internet Managers!

Presented by: 

Gail Rubinstein 

Founder of RETAIL RESILIENT 22 Years in Automotive Retail 

During this WEBINAR Training I’ll Reveal… 

  • The Secret Ads to Build on social that SELL cars!!
  • What your digital agency won't show you!!!
  • How to turn your 8 car guy into a 15 car guy!!!
  • The Must Have Sales Process Needed for closing more Deals on all social platforms!!!
  • How to remarket cars so that the car follows your customers around in their social news feed!!!
  • How to Build a Social Media Management Team!!!
  •  How to align your sales team with your New Social Marketing Efforts!!!
  • How to Build a Social Selling Culture in Your showroom!!!

It's TIME to realize you live in 2021 and newspaper does NOT work anymore!!! 


(limited seating – only 100 spots for each webinar) 

“This is the highest volume and highest grossing month we’ve had in the history of our business!”  

Braydon Mazurkiewich Owner, Maz Automotive  

“Retail Resilient is completely awesome! I didn’t understand what I was getting into with the training and WOW!!!!! They have opened up a whole new world to our organization and helped us understand the true potential that Social Media presents, and the exciting thing…we are SELLING more cars!!”  

Shawn Isom Internet Director, Tim Dahle Nissan Southjordan, Utah  

“I have been very pleased with our results through all Social Platforms so far. We had a fantastic year and we were up in sales and I just wanted to thank you!”  

Dean Anderson General Manager, Rainbow Toyota 


You won't want to miss this!!!

(limited seating – only 100 spots for each webinar) 

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