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IN These Lessons YOU WILL LEARN:

  • Lesson 1 Why Sell Cars on Social Media
  • Lesson 1B Overcoming Your FEAR of Social Selling
  • Lesson 2 Building Your Personal Brand
  • Lesson 3 Who Is Your Audience on Social Media
  • Lesson 4 Brainstorming Content Relevant to Your Audience
  • Lesson 5 Facebook and Insta Introduction of Personal Profile vs Business Page
  • Lesson 6 Setting Up Your Business Page on Facebook and Instagram Configuring Settings, FAQ’s!
  • Lesson 7 Managing Your Online Security
  • Lesson 8 Content is KING! What is An Offer?
  • Lesson 8a Content is KING! New, Used and Trade-In Posts!
  • Lesson 8b Content is KING! Customer Posts
  • Lesson 8c Content is KING! Relationship Posts
  • Lesson 8d Content is KING! Dealership Promotion Posts
  • Lesson 8e Content is KING! Fun Posts
  • Lesson 8f Posting Cars for Sale on Your Personal Profile
  • Lesson 9 Calendar Solutions for Social Media Posting
  • Lesson 10 The Organic Facebook Algorithm
  • Lesson 11 SUPERSTAR Content and Creative Examples!
  • Lesson 12 Introduction to Boosting Posts! Intro to Getting Leads!
  • Lesson 13 Finding YouFans and the Power of Tagging Your Fans!
  • Lesson 14 Top Ten Content Mistakes on Social Media!
  • Lesson 15 Facebook Insights! Key Performance Indicator!
  • Lesson 16 Managing Your Inbox and Messages!
  • Lesson 17 Appointment Setting!
  • Lesson 18 Getting the Social Customer in the Door and Closed Before Coming In!

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Created by our Founder & CEO, Gail Rubinstein. 

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 Sales is a very demanding career, especially in the car business.  Make the most out of your valuable time using our on demand system. 

These Courses will guide you step by step, so you can become the #1 Social Salesperson in your Market.



These Courses are 100% ONLINE, Go at Your Own Pace and customized to sales professionals in the Auto Industry!  

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By the end of the course you will have well built, top performing New & Used Vehicle ads in your account meaning you walk away with tangible high quality leads

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Meet Gail Rubinstein

Gail has been in the Auto Industry for 25 years in multiple positions ranging from Sales, F&I Management, New Car Manager, Used Car Manager, GSM. 

She spent 6 years at vAuto as a Performance Manager, built a multi-million dollar wholesale automotive company with 2 partners and started Retail Resilient in 2017 to help Auto Dealers sell more cars & make more money using social media!! 

She currently employs people in the United States and Canada to work remotely from home and serve car dealer clients nationwide. All of our Retail Resilient employees are car people and they absolutely LOVE the car business!!

Gail is originally from Winnipeg Canada and has lived in the United States since 2001... 20 years in the making, she Completed her American Citizenship on 9-11-2021.  She believes in entrepreneurship, capitalism and the spirit of using creativity to build something from nothing.  She Emulates The American Dream!

This is the roadmap to your success in sales!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert, these classes give you the skills and word tracks you need to succeed.  Never feel intimidated by anyone again! How many times have you lost a sale because you weren't prepared to overcome their objections? Don’t let this happen to you! 

Make yourself and your business RESILIENT.

What's the Time Commitment?

All Lessons & Homework Assignments live in an easy to use membership portal. Allowing you to stop and start class at your leisure. Each lesson is less than 20 mins with quick homework. Even Better is every assignment gets you closer to your end goal, because all homework is done in YOUR Facebook ad account!

Will I Get Results?

To put it simply YES! If you do the work, the sales will come.  Just as in any other aspect of life, tools can only get you so far.  If you don't pick them up and put in the work they will not get you very far.  This is no different. Do the Work and you will 100% see results.

What if I Need Help?

A Real LIVE Retail Resilient team member is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have via phone or email.

Text/Call 626-727-8667 or

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