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Here’s what Auto Dealers REALLY spend on Sponsored Ads

By Andrew Shaqfeh / February 25, 2021

You can generate a 10X Return on your Facebook and Instagram ads… seriously! Here’s the deal: there are Auto Dealers that spend $1,000 per month and there are those that spend $20,000 per month on sponsored ads. That means dealers are investing anywhere from $12,000 to $240,000 per year, and with the digital space continuing…

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Automotive Inventory Ads get an A+

By Andrew Shaqfeh / February 16, 2021

Facebook’s new AIA feature is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME in this week’s Retail Resilient update! Facebook has an amazing new feature for Automotive Inventory Ads! These new Facebook Inventory ads allow a customer to stay on the Facebook platform while shopping for the vehicle they want to purchase.  No need for the customer to visit your dealership’s…

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Digital Advertising for Auto Dealers gets a BOOST!

By Andrew Shaqfeh / February 3, 2021

Learn about a new ROI feature for Auto Dealers using Facebook in this week’s Retail Resilient update! Digital advertising for auto dealers is getting a boost! Facebook met with a pilot group of auto dealerships last week to discuss implementing a new ROI tool. Dealer Socket CRM Solution for Auto Dealers is now working with…

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gail rubinstein sell more cars with a porsche silver sports car

Leads Rolling In On AUTOPILOT!

By Gail Rubinstein / November 19, 2020

It’s what EVERY car dealership DREAMS OF and IT’S WORKING!!! I am SO excited to share this with all of you!!! I’ve been in the car business my whole life and the ONE THING that’s made the difference between tough times and GREAT times is leads. To be honest, most people I’ve worked with are…

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