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Have your facebook campaigns built and managed for your dealership. Receive high quality, in-market shopper leads directly to your CRM solution

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The Most All Inclusive Social Selling Campaign Management for Auto Dealers Using Social in 2023

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The Retail Resilient social media Campaign Management Solution for Automotive Dealerships will optimize social ads for greater conversions and lower costs! This is the most effective digital social media campaign management solution nationwide (United states and Canada) to help Auto Dealers like you stay ahead of the curve and take market share from your competition.

Do you ever wonder if you are currently taking advantage of everything Facebook and Instagram have to offer you? If you're reading this now, odds are you know there's likely a better solution and you need to implement it at your store right away! That's precisely why Auto Dealers all over the country contact us for a demo and find that there are social media opportunities that they have completely missed!

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Did you know that Social Media platforms can generate high quality sales funnel leads at an extremely low cost with name, phone, e-mail, trade info, car selection, how much cash down, test drive date and test drive time! Social Media leads can be customized with any information you need and delivered to your CRM in LIVE time!

Insane Conversion Rates

The proof is in our testimonials!
Retail Resilient clients typically have a 50% appointment booking ratio, with a 47% show rate and a 70% conversion rate!


Have you ever wondered why some Dealerships use the same marketing company and one Dealership sells 100 more new cars per month than the other? It's ALL in the Sales process! Retail Resilient has perfected a roadmap for your Sales Staff to kill it on all social media platforms!


Retail Resilient provides all clients with an expert Automotive account manager to assist in monthly marketing strategies to best optimize sales! Your account manager will review your monthly social media performance on all platforms and make suggestions to better improve results.


It's SIMPLE. You want to sell more cars and make more money! Retail Resilient employs people that have extensive backgrounds in the Automotive Industry. We specialize in Social Media lead gen, conversions, sales and funnels to help bring more customers to you than ever before!

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Transparent ROI Reporting

When you choose Retail Resilient as your training company for social media marketing, there will be 100% full transparency with the cost per lead and the Return on Advertising Dollars. You own all of the data and reporting and your Dealership will have FULL CONTROL of every penny spent! Not sure if you believe someone in the car business would provide that data with ROI? Ask us for a DEMO! You will absolutely be BLOWN AWAY! It is a FACT in the car business that you can calculate your ROI on Facebook and Instagram. Let us to prove it to you!

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All Retail Resilient marketing and sales training clients receive a trainer, an account manager and a full-service marketing team. Can't get ahold of Facebook or Google? Call Retail Resilient and an Expert Marketer is on standby to help! Our customers are important to us and we strive to provide exceptional support 100% of the time.

Does this actually work?

OF COURSE! Ask our customers!

We sold 18 cars and we're up 33,000 VDP's from the training sessions with our Internet Manager!

5 gold stars ratings
Lee Mulligan

General Manager, Palladino Honda

Retail Resilient helped me and has been great to work with. March 2020 we moved 65 units out of our little business in a town with a population of 250. Best month ever in worst economic times ever.

5 gold stars ratings
Greg Buhr

GWB Auto Sales

This is the highest volume and highest grossing month we've had in the history of our business!

5 gold stars ratings
Brandon Maz

Team Maz Automotive

My leads have quadrupled as soon as I implemented Retail Resilient's processes!! I am enjoying the training and I am seriously learning how to manage all my new leads!!

5 gold stars ratings
Sherry Matwe

Murray GM Moosejaw

Retail Resilient has successfully helped me build an online presence and brand, that has gained us many dozens of sales and customers. Thanks for all your help.

5 gold stars ratings
Ryan Buffie

Gauthier Chrysler

The results that we are getting with Retail Resilient are truly mesmerizing and can't speak highly enough of the training and support that they provide! Our first ad campaign we had 108 LEADS IN ONLY 54 Days at an average of $12.50 per lead!

5 gold stars ratings
Kevin Dodge

Gauthier Chrysler

The RR facebook funnels are our #1 source for leads and sales online! We absolutely love their team! Their customer service is fantastic!

5 gold stars ratings
Justin Wilkes

Owner, Salt Lake Mitsubishi

I have been very pleased with our results through Facebook so far. We had a fantastic last few months and I just wanted to thank you!

5 gold stars ratings
Dean Anderson

Rainbow Toyota

Retail Resilient is completely awesome! I didn't understand what I was getting into with the training and WOW!!!!! They have opened up a whole new world to our organization and helped us understand the true potential that Facebook presents, and the exciting thing…we are just getting started!

5 gold stars ratings
Shawn Isom

Tim Dahle Nissan Southtowne


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