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18 Online courses to turn your Automotive Dealership Sales staff and BDC Department into Social Media SUPERSTARS!!

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What Is Social Selling Training For Auto Dealers?

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Social Selling Training for Auto Dealers includes 18 courses to Build your brand and turn all of your social media platforms into a place that your customers feel comfortable doing business!

The 18 online courses will teach your Dealership sales staff the tools and techniques needed to post content, create appointments and sell cars using social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In, TikTok twitter and more!

Do you ever wonder if you are currently taking advantage of everything Facebook and Instagram have to offer you? If you're reading this now, odds are you know there's likely a better solution and you need to implement it at your store right away! That's precisely why Auto Dealers all over the country contact us for a demo and find that there are social media opportunities that they have completely missed!

80% of Instagram users follow a business!

Are you reaching Automotive car buying customers in your community on Instagram? At Retail Resilient we provide 10 minute courses online that include Instagram training to make sure your customers are following your brand! These courses will help your Dealership sales staff create content, configure security settings, book appointments, and use the platform to convert sales!

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76% of the 2 Billion Users on Facebook Log in 12-14 Times Daily!!

Are you closing auto sales on Facebook in your community? At Retail Resilient we provide 18 Online Facebook Courses to brand yourself, generate hundreds of leads, boost posts properly, learn sponsored ads and close sales using Facebook!!

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Literally for ONLY $99 per month you will learn…

How to build your reputation and brand on social media

Who your target audience really is

How to brainstorm content for your dealership

Script writing for video views

The difference between your personal profile and personal page

How to set up pages for brand awareness and lead generation

How to manage your online security

To connect VIN, Dealersocket & any CRM to your lead gen funnel

Desking Deals within the Facebook and Instagram platform

Software solutions that connect to your Facebook funnels

Appointment booking using Messenger

Superstar CONTENT and creative examples

How to prep for sponsored advertising

How to find fans, tag fans and get more followers

The top ten content MISTAKES

How to utilize analytics and BOOSTS

To manage Facebook and Instagram inbox


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Our customers will tell you everything!

We sold 18 cars and we're up 33,000 VDP's from the training sessions with our Internet Manager!

5 gold stars ratings
Lee Mulligan

General Manager, Palladino Honda

Retail Resilient helped me and has been great to work with. March 2020 we moved 65 units out of our little business in a town with a population of 250. Best month ever in worst economic times ever.

5 gold stars ratings
Greg Buhr

GWB Auto Sales

This is the highest volume and highest grossing month we've had in the history of our business!

5 gold stars ratings
Brandon Maz

Team Maz Automotive

My leads have quadrupled as soon as I implemented Retail Resilient's processes!! I am enjoying the training and I am seriously learning how to manage all my new leads!!

5 gold stars ratings
Sherry Matwe

Murray GM Moosejaw

Retail Resilient has successfully helped me build an online presence and brand, that has gained us many dozens of sales and customers. Thanks for all your help.

5 gold stars ratings
Ryan Buffie

Gauthier Chrysler

The results that we are getting with Retail Resilient are truly mesmerizing and can't speak highly enough of the training and support that they provide! Our first ad campaign we had 108 LEADS IN ONLY 54 Days at an average of $12.50 per lead!

5 gold stars ratings
Kevin Dodge

Gauthier Chrysler

The RR facebook funnels are our #1 source for leads and sales online! We absolutely love their team! Their customer service is fantastic!

5 gold stars ratings
Justin Wilkes

Owner, Salt Lake Mitsubishi

I have been very pleased with our results through Facebook so far. We had a fantastic last few months and I just wanted to thank you!

5 gold stars ratings
Dean Anderson

Rainbow Toyota

Retail Resilient is completely awesome! I didn't understand what I was getting into with the training and WOW!!!!! They have opened up a whole new world to our organization and helped us understand the true potential that Facebook presents, and the exciting thing…we are just getting started!

5 gold stars ratings
Shawn Isom

Tim Dahle Nissan Southtowne


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