About Retail Resilient

Retail Resilient was founded in 2017 by Gail Rubinstein. After spending 24 years in the car biz - learning, mastering and working for some of the best leaders in this Industry, Gail saw an opportunity to create change in the way customers and Car Dealers do business.

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“It’s really about the relationship you want to build with your customers. There is no better way to sell your products and services than through social media where there is 100% transparency. It’s like the Old School car days where the relationship actually matters, not just the numbers.”

-Gail Rubinstein | Founder and CEO

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Where We Came From

All of the Retail Resilient employees come from the car business and have spent several years working in Auto Dealerships in General Sales Management roles and Marketing Departments. We all have a variety of backgrounds which brings different skillsets to the table to best serve Auto Dealers.

What We’re Doing


We are helping Auto Dealers Nationwide completely revamp their thought processes on how to sell and service vehicles using social platforms.

cutting costs

We cut their ad spend in half and generate more leads and sales than they have ever seen! It’s all about a better ROI so Auto Dealers can give back into their communities.

Living Social

We play where the customer plays! Facebook! Instagram! TikTok! Snapchat! Linked in! Anything social!


We pride ourselves on our customer service, transparency and our love for helping people succeed. Our Video testimonials say it all!

Where We’re Going

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We want to help make the world a better place!
We are currently building a sustainable, profitable, efficient business within
the Auto Industry with the intention to give back our financial and human
capital resources. Our current employees work from home remotely all over
the country and give back into their respective communities.

Some of the Retail Resilient charitable contributions include:

  • Big Brother/Big Sister
  • Sponsoring Surgery for Animal Rescue
  • Families and Children in Need
  • Jewish Child and Family Services
  • Equine Rescue

What Are You Waiting For?

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Start Killing it on Social Media!

Your customers are searching social media for your Dealership right now! I mean on Facebook alone 76% of Facebook users log in 12-14 times a day!! We offer the only Social Media Online School for Automotive or just reach out to us and we will create all of your social campaigns for you!!


Either way you WIN!