Leads Rolling In On AUTOPILOT!

November 19, 2020 | By: Gail Rubinstein

It’s what EVERY car dealership DREAMS OF and IT’S WORKING!!!

I am SO excited to share this with all of you!!!

I’ve been in the car business my whole life and the ONE THING that’s made the difference between tough times and GREAT times is leads.

To be honest, most people I’ve worked with are actually great salespeople. They really are!

And I’m proud to say that the dealerships I’ve worked with genuinely want to help people get into the cars they need. They want to do good things in their community and be respected.

But without leads – without enough PEOPLE to SELL TO – all of that talent and all of those good intentions are wasted.


I’ve been using and studying Facebook since it first came out. Like a lot of you, I set up my page and connected with people, and really tried to get everything I could out of social media.

The only difference between me and most people in the car business is that I became OBSESSED with MASTERING it. And as time went on, there was so much to learn.

Most people simply didn’t have the time to keep up with it, and now, if you don’t understand all of the tools and techniques you are going to absolutely MISS OUT on the greatest lead generation tool that has ever existed!

Let me explain, in very clear and simple language, why there is NOTHING like Facebook when it comes to AUTOMATING your lead flow.

Let me explain how it can begin working for you IMMEDIATELY – like, I mean the VERY NEXT DAY – to bring qualified, ready-to-buy leads into YOUR dealership.

When You’re Ready to GET ON AUTOPILOT:

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Gail Rubinstein